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Essence of Raspberry

Seeing as I am the new kid on the block, I depend on my big sister Mitzi to show me the ropes. She knows lots of neat stuff. For this lesson, Mitzi was expanding my culinary tastes by helping me to develop a taste for raspberries. She shamelessly taught me to raid the patch - ripe juicy ones only of course. Mitzi also happens to be one of those dogs who delight in rolling themselves in anything smelly; so at the same time she gave me a lesson in that. Rotting leaves, freshly cut grass, dead worms were just some of her examples. I still need to perfect my technique. While we were practicing, it occurred to her that she had not yet sampled "Essence of Raspberry", so she did!!!

berry thiefIn case you weren't aware of it, raspberries make a wonderful dye. Mitzi did a really thorough job of it. I just watched while she gave herself a bunch of big bright red spots. We always get our paws cleaned when we go in the house; but Mitzi got a whole bath, and then another one. Even after shampooing, Mitzi was still a delicate shade of pink. You should have seen, it was great .I'm so glad I have such a terrific big sister to guide my puppy paws. I hope Mom appreciates what a quick learner I am. Apparently Apples and Cherries are other delights for another day. I can't wait.