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Good as gold

I think I must be growing up,
Becoming more mature...
Mom hasn't scolded ONCE all week;
My slate's still clean and pure.

Whenever Mom is off to a dog show, Dad always asks whether she will be Parading the Princess? or Running the Rascal ?. You probably don't need three guesses to figure out who's who. Hint: My favourite cushion is kept in the Bad Dog Box. Well! Have I got a juicy tidbit of gossip to share with you! You won't believe it. My big sister, Goody Four Paws, Little Miss Perfect, Good as Gold, always listens to Mom...Mitzi got into trouble; BIG trouble!

When I am too quiet, Mom and Dad always assume that I am up to something. When Mitzi is quiet, they assume that she is napping or playing with one of her own toys. They never accuse her of chewing on a slipper, or making confetti out of the paper scraps that they hide in the den's waste basket or other stuff like that. OK, being caught with the evidence in your mouth is rather tell-tale.

This time I didn't do it. Mom was out and Dad was reading the paper. I was curled up at his feet (being good I might add). Do you know what Mitzi did? She very quietly and sneakily hopped up onto the toilet seat in the bathroom. From there she climbed onto the vanity and.... are you ready for this? She STOLE Dad's toothbrush and chewed off all the bristles. After that she wasn't feeling so good, so she went to lie down on Mom and Dad's bed. I won't tell you what Mitzi then did right in the middle of the comforter!

Mom often teases me about being the naughtiest little Havanese in the whole world. Quite a reputation. But! This time; I DIDN'T DO IT !