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Fun Match

It's very, very sad this time;
The most horrid faux-paw of all time.
To a Match I finally got to go
A great adventure but Oh! Oh! Oh!

I was feeling a little neglected when I watched Mitzi go off to Fun & Sanction Matches almost every weekend. Mom did take me to dog shows too, but as Exhibition only ( for the experience, she said). Finally, she gave in to my pleas and entered me in an Obedience Match. I was so excited! When my turn came I was so anxious to investigate the ring that I forged ahead as far as I could. I think Mom said "HEEL" a few times but I wasn't really paying attention. The FIGURE 8 gave me a chance to sniff the ring stewards. After a few minutes, Mom took me over to the judge to say hi! I was supposed to stand still but the judge was very tall and I'm very small; so I stretched up against his legs so he could scratch my ears. Do you know he didn't even pat my head??? Exercise #3- Off came my leash. The opportunity was perfect to scout for treats; there weren't any... none at all! By this time Mom was not very happy (She must have had a headache or something). The RECALL was next. I know it really well so I came right away even before Mom called. Then it was time for the boring STAYS. I lay down to get more comfortable. Ooops; it was supposed to be a SIT. On the DOWN STAY I nestled my head in my paws and had a 3 minute nap. Suddenly it was all over. My score sheet had lots of O's on it. I like O's; because they remind me of Cheerios which is one of my favourite snacks. Mom wasn't impressed.

My memory lapse earned me the most awful, worst punishment imaginable. There came a big dog show; you know the kind; with lots of dogs to check out and people to pet me, give me treats and tell me I'm so adorable. I was not allowed to go. It wasn't fair! I howled in protest, but to no avail. Mitzi and Mom went without me. Mitzi obviously had a wonderful time. She came home all proud and prancy and bubbling over with excitement. I must admit I was somewhat envious when she showed off a paw full of pretty blue ribbons; as well as hearing the news that she had qualified for her C.D. Title. Everyone was very proud of her. I guess I am too! I hope I get the chance to redeem myself. In the meantime it will be practice, practice, practice...