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My shadow and I

Over, Under, Round we go
Where to next? Nobody knows.
Run and jump and bounce all day,
That's how I and "Shadow" play
Behind the couch and 'neath the chair,
Looking for the perfect lair,
Around the corner, take a peek,
And that's how we play Hide-N-Seek.
Stay silent in a quiet crouch .
One..Two.. Three and then a pounce!
But? He's not there, he moved again
We go on and on and never end.
If you think I'm a silly pup,
Just chasing shadows till SunUp;
Think again, I ask you please,
"Shadow" is not even Havanese.
Surprise! No, not a Havanese is he;
Shadow's a black dwarf bunny.
My best friend in all the world,
Better even than silly girls.


my shadow