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Soap suds

Being good is much too hard,
Both in the house and in the yard.
When mischief calls, I can't resist;
Off I go, see what's amiss.

Dad left a new bar of soap on the edge of the tub. It was big; it was green; it caught my nose and caught my eye... I know I've been told often enough to leave soap alone; but that's when someone is taking a bath. There was no one there now; no one except Mitzi. She likes to remind me that she is older and wiser. To hear her yap, you'd think she knows everything. She said it wasn't a good idea; but I didn't listen.

There were some letters on the soap but I couldn't make them out very well; so I just popped up to have a closer look. I swear... I barely nudged it with the tip of my nose. ZIP, it fell to the floor. It was such fun feeling the bar slip and slide between my paws. It took a lot of effort but I eventually cornered it in the hall and finally got a taste; kind of funny and tickly, chewy too! I had only nibbled a bit ( not even half-way) when I got caught. Mitzi probably snitched on me. Mom made me spend the rest of the afternoon outside. Isn't that strange? When Mom finally let me in, she teased me about being clean as a whistle inside and out! Anyways, that's about it for my big adventure. Oh! Just one more thing. Mom's soap is white and smells even nicer. I wonder what IT tastes like??? I'll let you know ... if I ever get the chance.