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Fashion Show

The Holidays are past and Spring is just around the corner. We had a wonderful Christmas and Santa Paws brought us lots and lots of new toys and goodies. I wasn't too thrilled to find out that he also brought Mom a great big stand dryer. What kind of Christmas present is that? Last year he brought Mom a grooming table? Next year, I am going to help her with her wish list and get some better stuff on it. Mom seems really happy about it, but I'm not, cause that just means more baths and we get enough of those as it is in my opinion(sigh!). Once I got to try it out though, I decided that the new blow dryer is not that bad after all. Its not nearly as noisy as the old one Mom used to use and it blows nice warm air to fluff us up, which is very nice after our paws and tummies get wet from playing outside. Here in the Prairies we really had nothing to complain about this winter. Its almost Groundhog Day and we have only about 6 inches of snow on the ground and exceptionally balmy temperatures. Unbelievable. With the bit of melting we had and then re-freezing, it left a hard crust on top of the snow which means we can still run around the whole yard and have a great time. And the mild weather means our paws don't get cold and we can stay out and play as long as we like. I like that.

Mom is busy thinking up new outfits for us for Valentines Day and St. Patrick's day and Easter. I know we already have a wardrobe that is just bursting with clothes BUT we have something extra special coming up and that merits a new outfit or two. What better way to greet the Spring than with a Fashion show. Yes, that's right. Mitzi and I have been invited to participate in a Spring Fashion Parade.

Mitzi is now dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star or being a magazine centerfold. It's all she talks about. Girls have such silly ideas. For my part, I think this should be ever so much fun. The fashion show is being put on for a ladies afternoon tea. I can just see myself now, walking the runway with a pretty little girl in a sunflower dress and me in my matching sunflower blossom collar. Or maybe a little boy in a sailor suit and I can wear my spiffy sunvisor and bandanna. I can't wait. In the meantime, we have to practice walking nicely and stopping to be admired. That's not hard. And Mom is also practicing changing our outfits licketty split. And brushing , brushing and more brushing so we can look our best. I'm hoping I can also get lots of cuddles and kisses out it and of course a few treats. I remember we went to a tea last summer and it had lots of tempting yummy goodies to eat. Like chicken, and croutons and carrot sticks. Yumm! I'll tell you all about it later. In the meantime, here's wishing all our paw pals a Happy Spring!

Woofs, Wiggles and Wags from,
Rags ( Fashion advisor)
and Mizti (Super Model)