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Chocolate Havanese

Pawprint cupcakes

Something special for the humans attending the doggy festivities.


  • 1 cake mix (any flavour)
  • one can cake frosting
  • small bag of regular MM's
  • small container of mini MM's
  • mixing and baking instructions

    Start with one box of any flavour cake mix. cupcake Mix and bake according to package directions to make 24 cupcakes. Cool and then frost with homemade or canned frosting. For decorating, you will need one small pack of regular MMs as well as one small container of mini MMs. Place one regular MM in the center of the frosting, then place 4 matching mini MMs around it to make a pawprint.

    Any leftover MMs are yours for snacking. Enjoy!

    These are for humans only, please do not share with the dogs.