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Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

These pages are just for fun. This is the place to be if you want to find out if the silly antics of your Havanese are shared by others, or if you want to ponder some inspirational or whimsical canine quotes or to read about the world from the dogs eye view. It's also the spot to find out how to make easy toys to have fun with your dog and dozens of recipies for homemade treats. How about a dress up day? Don't miss Havadashery to see a pageantry of beautiful costumes and patterns.

Just for fun

bullet FUZZY TALES - from a dogs eye view
bullet QUIRKS - silly, funny breed traits
bullet QUOTES - collection of K9 quotes

More fun things

bullet HAVADASHERY - fashion forward
bullet TOY BOX - easy homemade toys
bullet TREATS - yummy selection of recipes