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Fuzzy Tales and Faux-Paws

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking, or what he is dreaming about with such relish, or just what he sees when he looks out the window? This selection of original verses and short stories is sure to bring a few chuckles. Enjoy a dog's eye view of the world by Rags and friends.

Mischief - Rags won second place in a poetry contest with his prose

My back yard - The most wonderful place in the world

Good as Gold - the story of the princess and the Rascal

Faux Paws - Obedience with a unique Rags twist

Soap Suds - A slippery sudsy true story

Essence of Raspberry - A perennial summer favourite

I'm A Star - Rags TV debut

My Shadow and I - Rags extols the virtues of his best friend

Rain Rain Go Away - What to do on a Rainy day

Snickerdoodles - Why Dogs Won't Come when called - a theory by Rags

Fashion Show - Style tips from Rags

Pride and Joy - Momma loves me best

The truth about Bugs - a story of sisters and sweethearts

Peek-A-Boo - Favourite hiding spots

Mirror - Looking for a playmate

ABC's - the classic original Havanese verse

Thief in the Pantry- it's not what you're thinking !