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Breed Standards

A breed standard is a thoroughly researched and carefully written conceptualization of an ideal. It is not a meant to be a complete textbook about the breed, but rather a brief outline describing structure, characteristics, colour, size, temperament, etc. A standard needs to be practicably concise and yet complete enough to describe an ideal specimen of the breed in such a way to be a useful tool to those who are breeding, judging or evaluating the breed. A breed standard is not static document or guideline, it is evaluated regularly and may be changed or updated from time to time. This is never done lightly or on a whim; changes are only the result of careful study, thought and consideration by those well versed in the breed and it's characteristics and ideals.

While many registries may be presenting a standard on the same breed, each one may be somewhat different in wording and interpretation. Some are more detailed and others less so. Havanese bred or exhibited in a given country or organization must follow the standard approved by that particular organization.

CKC - Canadian Kennel Club (January 2011)

FCI - Federation Cyanologique Internationale (2009)

AKC - American Kennel Club (September 2011)

UKC - United Kennel Club (January 1997)