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Chocolate Havanese

Homemade treats

Pampered pets deserve the best. Store bought cookies are fine for everyday snacks; but for holidays and other occasions or just whenever you feel like doing something extra special for your pet, nothing beats home-made treats. They'll love every bite. These delicious snacks are a big hit at our house. We hope your dog likes them too! Our dogs love baking days. I have three eager tasters lined up waiting to lick a spoon or to sample a fresh warm offering from the oven.

NOTE: These recipes contain no additives or preservatives and so they will not keep as long as commercially prepared treats. Most do keep well for at least 10-14 days in a container or cookie jar. Biscuits made with milk and cheese should be kept refrigerated or frozen. If you choose to make larger batches, consider freezing a portion and just thaw a few at a time.

To make easier clean-ups, I like to line my cookie sheets with foil and/or lightly spray with non-stick cooking spray. If you want to add even more taste to your Pet treats, use garlic flavoured cooking spray. Most of these are recipe variations developed in our own kitchen. Credit is given where recipes are from other sources.


bullet Tail waggers waffle bites - a yummy waffle treat which can be chewy or crisp. Also has a delicious peanut butter and a tempting bacon variation.

bulletBanana Blitz - an alternative to Banana bread and muffins to use up your over ripe bananas

bulletKibble crisps -turn your recipe into a suitable treat for dogs with allergies or on special diets

bulletTriple-H treats - Just 4 simple ingredients

bulletSeafood delights - The cat will love these too


bullet Frosty Paws - recipe for homemade doggie ice-cream

bulletPupsicles - another cool treat for hot summer days

bulletJiminy Crickets - Chicken liver delight

bulletBaked liver - great show or training bait

bullet Satin balls - perfect to tempt recovering invalids or finicky eaters or to put on weight

bullet Grow hair on a doorknob - I don't know if this really helps grow coat but it sure does make it shiny


bulletPawprint cupcakes - a fun treat for the human guests attending doggy festivities


bulletCheese Please ! - A bite-sized treat full of cheesy goodness.

bulletGingersnap puffs - unique and tasty recipe that puffs up upon baking

bulletPuppy pretzels - a little time consuming to make but your pet will love you for it

bulletRagamuffins - Rags all time favourite treat so of course they had to be named after him

bulletCarrot crunchies - Carrots , Applesauce and rolled oats make a nutritious homemade treat

bulletMitzi's munchies - This Chicken and garlic combo make Mitzi a very happy girl

bulletSunflower snaps - A biscuit with a different twist

bulletPeanut butter bites - Thin and crisp on their own or as special sandwich treats for a party

bulletCocoa's Veggie Nips Crunchy biscuits chock full of nutritious veggies

bulletMultigrain biscuits - Huge recipe for multi canine households or to make up for a bake sale


Soft, moist brownies,cakes and nuggets can make good show or training bait.

bulletLiver brownies - irresistable

bulletCarrot cake and apple cake - tasty temptation

bulletBanana birthday cake - celebrate in style

bulletJinx's blue cheese nuggets- a yummy bite