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Havanese ABCs

Mimosa Havanese proudly presents this one stop resource for all things Havanese; from basic must-know information to delightful breed quirks and all the Ins and Outs of owning and living with these lap sized charmers. Enjoy your visit.

Mimosa Havanese is also host to the wildly popular Colours of the Rainbow, a site dedicated to exploring and understanding the kaleidoscope of colour possibilities found in the Havanese breed.



The poem that started it all

Remembering your ABC's is easy if you're Havanese
Forget the Apple, Boat,and Car
Just tell the whole world who you are
When "What's a Havanese?" they quiz
A to Z the answer is

Amusing, Bouncy, Cuddly, Devoted, Endearing, Fun, Gentle, Happy, Intelligent, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Mischievous, Nimble, Outgoing, Playful, Quiet, Rare, Sweet, Tiny, Unique, Vivacious, Winsome, X-traordinary, Young-at-heart, and ..... Zesty

Award winning poem penned by my hand, published in 1997