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What you'll find in ABCs

The Havanese is truly delightful but is not for everyone; no breed is! Topics are balanced to present both positives and negatives of owning/living with Havanese. Every effort is made to ensure information is complete and accurate. Many links to/from this site provide an easy-to-navigate network of information about Havanese. These are links only and are not an endorsement, recommendation or referral of any particular breeder. Information may be copied for personal use or reference only, it may not be reprinted for commercial distribution or copied into any publication or website without permission. Ask before you borrow. Enjoy!

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Breed Information

bullet ABCs - breed insights from A to Z
bullet HISTORY - delve into Havanese ancestry
bullet RIGHT FOR YOU? - choosing a puppy
bullet QUESTIONNAIRE - find a reputable breeder
bullet RELATED BREEDS - brief look at related breeds
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bullet TID BITS - assorted articles on all things Havanese: training,play, nutrition and much more

Our Dogs

bullet Cricket , Jinx, Cocoa, Mitzi , Rags,
Mimosa litters & puppies


bullet AGILITY - a fun sport for all dogs
bullet DANCE - musical freestyle
bullet HERDING - can Havanese do it?
bullet OBEDIENCE - brains as well as beauty
bullet RALLY - a fun twist on obedience
bullet SHOW - conformation dog shows
bullet THERAPY - spread the love
bullet A TITLE - more than an award

Fun Stuff

bullet FUZZY TALES - from a dogs eye view
bullet QUIRKS - silly, funny breed traits
bullet QUOTES - collection of K9 quotes
bullet HAVADASHERY - fashion forward
bullet TOY BOX - easy homemade toys
bullet TREATS - yummy selection of recipes

Colours of the Rainbow

bullet Discover the fascinating and intriguing world of Havanese colours at our rainbow website