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A lively exercise featuring focus, speed and accuracy. Agility is basically a timed obstacle course for dogs including A-frames, board walks, jumps, teeter-totters, open and collapsed tunnels, weave poles, pause table etc... Havanese are perfectly suited to this activity as they are very nimble and quick. Agility can be a just-for-fun activity for you and your dog or an exiting competitive sport.

Mitzi, Rags and Cricket

Each of my three is completely different. They all enjoy agility but with their own flair. Mitzi adores tunnels above all, and will go out of her way to take a few extras. When she gets over excited, she is into course design and enthusiastically takes any obstacle in her path. Once she has the sillies out of her system, she is a very consistent qualifier. Cricket is a happy fun dog. She loves agility because she gets to play one on one doing something she loves. She and Mitzi went to a lot of trials together. They are lovingly referred to by all as my "flying furballs".

Ragamuffin is a dog unto himself. He does enjoy agility but with a personal twist. I compete very little with him but we do have fun. Rags is renowned for all sorts of silly antics on course. On rainy days, he will run into the nearest tunnel and not come out, on very hot sweltery days, he will run under the A-frame and not come out. He also loves to stop in the middle of the Dog Walk for a scratch or just stop to look around. Apparently the top of the A-frame is also a great look out spot. At a memorable CKC trial, Rags outdid himself with some new tricks to entertain the crowd. As he crossed the start line ( starting the clock ) he stopped and had a good scratch. After he was done, he took the first jump and then stopped dead, finding a lovely spot to roll and rub in. Then he took off and blazed through the next 4 obstacles. Next was the table where he very thoroughly sniffed all the way around hunting for frogs before deciding to jump up onto it. After all this excitement, he was ready to complete his run. Needless to say, we were well over time.

Mimosa's flying furballs