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Chocolate Havanese

Good for you - good for your health

Havanese health benefits for diabetic pet owners

More than just a temporary distraction; you may be happily surprised to discover that your furry friend can play an important role in managing your diabetes. Studies abound extolling the virtues of animal companionship; it is well documented that stroking a pet, or even just watching one at rest or play, can help lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, soothe anxiety and reduce stress levels. Pets of all kinds can do wonders for mental and physical well-being by:

bullet Acceptance and love: Pets provide unconditional love and loyalty. They are non-judgmental and accept you the way you are. Pets do not care about age, race, disease, ability or disability. They donít care that you are diabetic.

bullet Stress relief: Stroking an animal is soothing and relaxing. Havanese love to be cuddled and petted, their silky fur just begs to be stroked. Less tactile pets such as birds or non-tactile pets such as fish have benefits too. Just watching them can be very calming. Stress can affect your blood sugar levels. Reducing stress helps your body maintain a better balance.

bullet Mood enhancement: Relating to pets of any kind can raise your spirits. Silly antics are entertaining and distracting; even those who generally donít like animals may find pleasure in watching them play. Havanese are funny little clowns that love to do tricks and be the center of attention; they are an unending source of entertainment. When around animals, people tend to be more relaxed, smile often and laugh more. This boosts the "feel-good" chemicals produced by the brain (endorphins, serotonin and dopamine) which can leave you feeling healthier and happier.

bullet Focus: Individuals who have health conditions, including diabetes, have a tendency to focus inwardly on themselves and their disease. The outside focus provided by pets may help you to develop a more positive perspective on your life. Havanese do not like to be ignored, their need for time and attention helps to refocus living on your family, home, friends and life rather than on your disease.

bullet Purpose: Pet ownership gives a sense of purpose and a reason to take care of yourself. If you donít take care of yourself, who will take care of feeding, grooming and exercising your Havanese? Vigilant attention to personal care will improve diabetes control.

bullet Social Interaction: Pets are a shared interest for many people. Talking about your Havanese is a marvellous outlet of thoughts and conversation other than your health issues.

bullet Exercise: Playing with and/or walking your Havanese regularly will do wonders for you both. While providing physical and mental stimulation for your pet, you are also working towards improved diabetic control for yourself. Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and aids in weight loss. It reduces insulin resistance, may help to maintain stable blood sugar levels and can ward off complications due to diabetes. Even brief 15-20 minute exercise sessions several times a week can positively impact your health and wellbeing. Your Havanese will also benefit from the exercise and likewise enjoy spending time with you.

Isn't it nice to know that animal companions, whether dog, cat, bird or fish, can provide benefits in many ways, physically and emotionally, and help you achieve a healthier life? Havanese are good for your health and for the control of diabetes and other health conditions. Hugging a Havanese is always good for what ails you!