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Chocolate Havanese

Book Reviews

There are several books in publication.

The most recent addition to Havanese reading is "FROM NOSE TO TAIL " a grooming handbook from the Havanese Fanciers of Canada. This soft cover spiral bound book is 202 pages long, fully illustrated and published by Artbookbindery (September 15th, 2008) and sells for $24.95CND. ISBN: 978-0-9810997-0-5

Written by Havanese owners for Havanese owners in a simple easy-to-read format. Included is step by step information and instruction on Basic Maintenance, Line Brushing, Bathing an Bowdrying, Paw trimming, Keeping the head hair out of the eyes , pet styles and much mich more. From Nose to Tail is an in-depth detailed book of the most asked about aspects of Havanese grooming. This book is curenlty only available through the Havanese Fanciers of Canada. See the Havanese Fanciers website for order information.

A recent addition to Havanese reading is "Havanese (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) " by Nikki Rigbey. This Paperback book is 96 pages long published by Baron's Educational Series (July 21, 2006) and sells for $ 7.99 on Amazon. ISBN: 0764133896 - The editorial review reads. "Book Description - This longhaired toy breed makes a fine companion for dog lovers young and old. Books in the comprehensive and popular Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series advise on feeding, health care, housing, and all other important aspects of responsible pet ownership. Each title is individually written from first page to last by a pet trainer, veterinarian, or other pet-care specialist. All Complete Pet Owner's Manuals are filled with high-quality photos and instructive line art. "
I do not have this book yet and so do not have a personal review to share at this time.

The Spring of 2005 welcomed the publication of two new Havanese breed books. Both are self- directed publications, which rewards us with less "canned" material than previous books; each author shares their knowledge, wisdom and obvious pride and love of the breed with unique style and flair. "Joyous Havanese" and "The Havanese" are marvellous resources for any and all breed enthusiasts; filled to the brim with forthright discussions, as well as humorous insights into the quirks and endearing traits of the Havanese breed.

THE JOYOUS HAVANESE The "Joyous Havanese" by Kathryn Braund is a full size 196 page soft cover book. Topics include a history of the Havanese, breed standards and chapters on grooming and health issues as well many entertaining anecdotes of life and living with a Havanese. What makes this book stand out from other Havanese books is that it contains a chapter devoted to the Havanese in Canada. Written by Suzanne Mckay, the president of the Havanese Fanciers of Canada, this chapter highlights the history of the breed in Canada from the first imported dogs to the present day Havanese champions. Suzanne also wrote a chapter on "Rainbow colours of the Havanese" which explains the various colour terms and discusses the uniquely changing coat colours of the breed. The book contains many marvellous photos, both colour and black&white to be enjoyed by all. Although about 1/3 of the book deals with breeding, whelping ,raising a Havanese litter and other advanced topics, "Joyous" is a delightful book to be enjoyed by anyone who owns a Havanese or is thinking of adding one to their family. It would make a fine addition to any fancier's bookshelf. Kathryn's engaging writing style will keep readers enthralled from beginning to end. "The Joyous Havanese" can be ordered through most book stores or online at Barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com and borders.com The ISBN is: 0-9720585-2-4. ( Book Review by Pat Parkhouse)

"THE HAVANESE" by Diane Klumb & Joanne Baldwin DVM is a 160 page journal sized soft cover book. Direct and to the point, this is an easy to read, fundamental book which addresses important breed specific issues while bypassing a lot of generic dog information found in too many publications. The Havanese is a wonderful handbook for new owners as well as anyone researching the breed prior to adopting a Havanese. This book provides current thoughts and comprehensive information on Havanese health and genetics, feeding, raising, training and grooming Havanese. Serious topics are balanced with whimsical insights into the playful and delightful quirks of the Havanese breed. While geared primarily for newcomers to the breed, "The Havanese" is just as informative and relevant to experienced breeders and Havanese owners. The text is interspersed with a wonderful selection of photographs. "The Havanese" is available in a print-on- demand format through Lulu.com. It may also be available at Chapters/Indigo. "The Havanese" is available in a full colour version as well as a more economical black and white format.

BICHON HAVANESE At the end of 1999, this first comprehensive book about the Havanese was published in the UK. Its Cuban author, Zoila Portuondo Guerra, is the founder and past president of the Cuban Kennel Club as well as the founder and first president of the Habanero Club of Cuba. In this book, I was fascinated to read yet another account of our breed's history and development. The author's extensive research has attempted to sort through the lore, fact and fiction and presents a very plausible progression that incorporates facets of the many other theories long held in popular belief.

Zoila Portuondo has put together a very thoughtful well researched book about the breed. It covers not only the breeds history and development but also many other topics such as breed characteristics, choosing a Havanese, general care, maintenance, grooming, breeding and showing. It is a fully illustrated hard cover book 165 pages long. The text is highlighted with many useful " Did You Know? " tips as well as over 100 wonderful full colour photographs of Havanese from around the world. Somewhat jarring to the senses, is a chapter on disease illustrated with half and full page magnified photos of assorted parasites. While the information is useful, it is somewhat overdone. Perhaps more useful would have been a section on hereditary and genetic conditions that affect the Havanese breed. Notwithstanding this section, overall it is a lovely book and a wonderful addition to your book shelf, it's a book you will pull out again and again.

At this time , BICHON HAVANESE is only available from the UK. Copies can be ordered from Amazon Books (UK) or Book World International for a cost of l0 Sterling. Adding in exchange, duties, shipping and handling, this translates to about $30-$35 in Canadian funds. Occasionally you can find a copy in Ebay. Recently the title has been added to Chapters/Indigo and may be found there.

HAVANESE - A Complete And Reliable Handbook by Dorothy Goodale. Just the fact that the author is the very same person who was instrumental in saving and rebuilding the breed makes us sit up and take note. The bulk of the book is full of useful information about raising, training and living with a Havanese. Much of the information is basic but it is quite thorough and covers a multitude of aspects of dog ownership and is well written and easy to read and understand. The text is interspersed with full colour illustrations that beautifully highlight the Havanese's delightful appearance and winsome personality. Unfortunately, this book published with a lot of generic material which could be about any breed. According to Dorothy, several parts of her original material were edited out and are not in the final publication, which is a shame as she has so much valuable information to share about the breed.

"Havanese" by Dorothy Goodale is available through T.F.H. publications in the U.S.A . May also be available through Chapters/Indigo and occasionally on E-Bay.

Unfortunately, "Bichon Havanese" and "Havanese" are not as complete as they could have been and both authors missed an excellent opportunity to educate about genetic issues and problems of note in the Havanese breed. They are good companion volumes to have and a wonderful indulgence for your bookshelf. If you can, do get them both