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Chocolate Havanese


A Havanese puppy with his boundless energy and tiny size can get into unexpected and unseen mischief and needs strict vigilance to keep him out of trouble. Havanese puppies are small which means they can get to seemingly impossible places, like underneath or behind low and wall hugging furniture, and even under closed doors if the bottom is raised more than an inch or two. A good way to be aware of potential problem areas is to check with a grapefruit and a tin of soup. If these can roll under or behind, then it will be no problem at all for your Havanese puppy to wiggle and squirm his way to these same places.

This can mean hidden access to dangerous electrical cords and cables. Another chewing temptation can be under furniture where paper tags, stuffing and fabric edges are exposed; hidden from your view but very accessible and tempting to an enterprising Havanese puppy. Chair rails are just the right size and convenient location for small Havanese puppies to chew on, as are items tossed under the bed or in a closet not quite closed. Many things fall unseen behind furniture like forgotten receipts, pens, paper clips etc. Your Havanese puppy will find them all and most of these found treasures are not safe for him to chew on.

Chewing normally starts during teething as a way to relieve sore mouth and gums. A knotted wash cloth or sock, frozen damp, can help ease sore gums. If the chewing persists, do check with your Vet. Retained puppy teeth are not uncommon in Havanese which can lead to ongoing mouth soreness. Your Havanese puppy may chew for other reasons as well. Their mouth and paws are how puppies explore and learn about the world. Dietary insufficiency, anxiety, stress, boredom, excess energy and lack of exercise can also all lead to chewing.

It's up to you to teach your Havanese puppy what is appropriate to chew and what isn't. Whenever your puppy is out of its secure area, you must keep a sharp eye on it and stop chewing as soon as it starts and replace it with a more suitable chew toy. Being in the same room is not enough. An unwatched Havanese puppy can easily slip under the recliner to chew the phone cord while you are reading the paper. Unchecked chewing can lead to a habit which will be very hard to break. If you need extra help, chewing deterrents such as Bitter Apple, a drop of

Tobasco sauce or spritz of Listerine or lemon juice can be very effective. Consider taking a session or two of Obedience classes with your new Havanese as this will help with all aspects of your training. Puppyhood is soon over, and the more care and attention you take at this time to deter inappropriate chewing, the better behaved your Havanese will be as it grows up.