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Musical freestyle

The unique and exiting new sport of Musical Freestyle combines obedience and dance. It is a dazzling display whereby a handler and dog work together to music in choreographed routines. It may also be done as a team competition with multiple handlers and dogs. It is amazing to watch and lots of fun to participate in. Turn your tricks and obedience work into a dynamite routine. In Canada, Freestyle started as an exhibition at a dog show in 1991. Since then it is gathering followers and becoming more popular.


Musical Freestyle is a perfect expression of Mitzi's exuberant nature. In keeping with her heritage,
Mitzi's first routine was done to a lively latin beat,
the tune of Spanish Flea.It suited her perfectly. A
second routine used a tune called Popcorn. As well,
our school dance team has a team routine for 8-10
dogs done to the tune of In the Moodwhich is
always a crowd pleaser when we visit senior's homes.

Dance moves

  • Left and Right Heeling
  • Spins in both directions
  • Twirls
  • Walking backwards
  • Jumps (over feet, hoops and bars)
  • over/under
  • Grapevines
  • Circles
  • bow
  • Pauses
  • speak (a well timed bark
  • Down
  • roll over
  • play dead
  • High 5
  • crawl
  • Hi Ho Silver (waving her paws in the air)
  • Gotcha - her best trick where she jumps into my arms for the grand finale

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