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Chocolate Havanese

Naughty puppy

Why is it when a Great Dane Puppy grabs your husbands work boot to chew on, a reprimand rises swiftly to your lips, but when it's a tiny Havanese puppy who grabs the same boot, wrestles it as he drags it across the living room to settle for a chew under the coffee table, that the reaction is amusement and laughter. Both puppies are doing the same thing. So why is it Ok for one and not the other? Is it because the Great Dane can inflict more damage in a smaller amount of time or is because the boot is three times the size of the Havanese pup that makes one cute and one naughty.

Unfortunately this can get us into trouble. Havanese are very cute and have endearing mannerisms and beguiling ways. It's easy to spoil them and even easier to let them get away with too many things, just because it's so darned cute. But the truth is, Naughty is Naughty, whether a Dane or a Havanese. It's important to decide ahead of time what is acceptable behaviour and what is not as soon as you bring your new Havanese puppy home. The time to deter inappropriate behaviour is the second it starts. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to train and it will also be confusing for your puppy. How can something that has been Ok for 6 months now be wrong? Small dogs need acceptable social manners just as much as large dogs. Havanese are smart and learn fast, including very quickly how to get you wrapped around their silken paw. Havanese thrive on attention and are natural little clowns, learn tricks easily and also make up their own, which invariably gets them attention and laughter. These silly antics are very entertaining; just be sure before you laugh at their silliness, that what they are doing is something OK, and not something dangerous, unacceptable or something which will become a nuisance if continued.

Havanese are very intelligent and you can teach him whatever manners are important to you, so you end up with the dog that you have been dreaming of. Havanese are adorable little charmers, which is one of the many reasons we choose to own one. Each one deserves to be a pampered and beloved companion. Just remember that pampered and spoiled are not the same thing. A pampered dog is a delight; a spoiled dog can be anything but!