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Finding a prospective breeder

These are just some of the questions that you may choose to ask a breeder. You may have others. You will not ask all of these questions of each one. Pick and choose which questions are most important to you and add and delete till you can create a questionnaire of your own which gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. Chances are you will end up with two questionnaires. One with fewer general questions to help you narrow your choice of breeders and see if one of their puppies is right for you. And a second more in depth one to ask later to help you get to know your breeder better.


- Full contact information
- How long have you been breeding dogs?
- How long have you been breeding Havanese?
- Do you breed other types of dogs as well? If so, which breeds?
- How many litters of Havanese (and other dogs) do you breed each year?
- Which traits do you breed for in Havanese?
- Are you a registered breeder or member of a canine Club(s)? Which one(s)
- How long have you been a member of each club?
- Are you now, or have you ever been an officer of any of these clubs?
- Do you show your Havanese in conformation and /or performance or participate in other canine activities/events?
- Do you train / work the dogs yourself or use a professional handler?
- Have your Havanese achieved success in these events? If so, what titles have they achieved ?
- How many Havanese do you currently own or co-own?
- How many Havanese are living on your premises?
- Do your dogs live primarily in the house with you or in a kennel?
- What is the environment the dogs live in? House, Kennel, Combination
- What are your sleeping arrangements for the dogs?
- Do you have other animals as well? If so what kinds and how many?
- Do your retired show/breeding dogs continue to live with you or are they retired to pet homes?
- What are the registered names of your current Havanese ?
- Which of those are part of your breeding program?
- Which are part of your showing/performance and other activities?
- What type of training do you recommend?
- What food do you use and/or recommend?
- Are there any breed specific books or general care books would you recommend?
- Are your litters raised in the house? Kennel?
- Do they have their own room? or are they raised in the middle of the household?
- Are your dogs housetrained (outside),litter trained, paper trained, combination. ? Other?
- What sort of socialization program do you follow for your puppies?
- At what age do your puppies go to their new homes?
- Do you ship your puppies? at what age? what precautions do your follow to ensure their safety and comfort?
- Would you be willing to send me a copy of the pedigrees of the sire and dam? and discuss it with me in depth?
- Do you test your breeding dogs for hereditary disorders? Which tests and how often?
- Are you willing to send me copies of these results and examinations?
- Have you had any occurrences of any of genetic disorders in your breedline?
- If so , are you willing to discuss with me the circumstances and incidence?
- What steps have you taken to reduce/ minimise these problems
- Do your breeding dogs get a veterinary examination and certificate prior to breeding?
- What Age are the Sire and Dam?
- How old was the Dam at her first litter? - When was the Dams first litter?last litter? How often is she bred?
- How many litters has she had? How many puppies in total ?
- How many litters has he sired? How many puppies in total?
- What traits do you feel are their strong points? Weak Points?
- What is the height and weight of the Sire and Dam
- What is their build ? Light framed, medium build, sturdy, heavy boned?
- What are their teeth like ; bite, dentition and count ?
- What is the colour(s) of the Sire and Dam. Which colours have they produced in previous litters
- What type of coats do they have : straight, hint of curl, wavy, curly? Silky, soft, crisp? Light or profuse? Length?
- What special traits are you looking for in this litter or expect to have?
- What size are your litters on average? smallest, largest?
- Have any previous puppies of this sire or dam died at an early age due to unknown or known causes?
- Would I be able to see the sire and dam? If a visit is impossible, would you send me photos or a video?
- Would you be willing to speak to me by telephone? If so, What are the most convenient days/ times for you?
- Would you be willing to provide references from clubs, vets and previous puppy owners?
- What organisations are your dogs registered with ? CKC, AKC, FCI, ARBA, UKC?
- Do your puppies come with a health guarantee? How long? What does it cover? Do you have a return policy?
- Are your puppies mcirochipped/tattoed when they go to their new homes?
- Would you be willing to send me a preliminary copy of your contract and health guarantee
- What do puppies cost ? Male? Female? Companion? Show/breeding?
- Do you require a deposit to hold a puppy? If so, how much and when? Is the deposit refundable?
- Could I purchase a puppy outright or do you have a co-ownership agreement? If so, what does this entail?
- Will you be available to me for any questions I might have as my puppy matures? For how long ?
- Will you provide me with information on rearing and training methods for my Havanese puppy?
- When is your next litter(s) due?
- How do you select the homes for your special little ones ?
- What do you need to know about me and my family ?