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Chocolate Havanese

Canine Houdini

By now, you have probably gathered that Havanese are fast and agile little dogs. TheyOllie
and Gypsy - crate climbing have powerful hind quarters and are excellent broad and high jumpers. Add in front paws that are nibble like a cat's, which many Havanese use with astounding dexterity. This unusual combination leads to endearing antics and engaging tricks however it can also be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful.

Recently, on our Havanese Internet list, a topic came up about Havanese having a Mountain Goat gene. Of course there is no such gene, but if there was, then many Havanese have it. Some Havanese exploits are amazing and certainly unexpected to the new Havanese owner. Our little mountain goats in disguise can be escape artists of the first degree. The topic of discussion was started by a new Havanese owner. Her older dog and 11 week old Havanese puppy were left in a gated kitchen while she was out. She returned to find her older dog safely behind the gate while her young Havanese puppy cavorted freely around the house. She simply could not imagine how the little one had got out. Then, just a little while later she came down the hall and caught her canine Houdini perched atop the 3 foot gate attempting another escape. The tiny pup had climbed up the gating and was poised to jumped off the top. What a fright.

While the dexterity is amazing , the results can be frightening or even deadly. Climbing up a gate is one thing, but climbing down is quite another, chances are it is a jump on the other side. A three foot jump from such a precarious perch could easily lead to injury. As well, an unattended puppy with a whole house to play in can get into an awful lot of mischief. Soiling the carpet, chewing shoes, shredding toilet paper, unpotting plants are all tempting possibilities. Fun for the puppy and a mess for you. Even more dangerous though is the possibility of injury or accident such as chewing on electrical cords or falling down steps or ingesting household chemicals.

Not all Havanese are so bold and enterprising. But some are. Most love to be in high places. The top of the couch or head rest on the recliner are happy resting places for many Havanese. They think little of jumping off and on 2-3 foot heights. If your new Havanese is one of these daring adventurers then caution is recommended to keep your puppy safe. While one would expect that a three foot X-pen or gate would be secure for such a tiny puppy, that is not always so for a Havanese. A crate or an X-pen with roof panels or an enclosed puppy pen are safer alternatives for confinement when your Havanese puppy must be left unattended. Keep them safe and have fun.